Mary Magdalen cross pendant

In a german painting by Quentin Massys, St. Magdalen wears a pretty cross-shaped pendant adorned with large pearls. I confess, the original is 16th century and thus a bit late for my timeline... Still, I liked the design a lot and chose to copy it nevertheless :-)

Quentin Massys, St. Magdalena Quentin Massys, St. Magdalena, detail of pendant

Mary Magdalen with cross pendant

The cross seams to be either gold or gilded. The 4 round pearls are attached to the cross by small bars (see the 'knob' at the end of the pearl?). The droplet-shaped pearl hangs from the bottom of the cross but there's the same 'knob'. The red color could either mean that the cross in enameld in red or set with red rubies. It's kind of hard to tell...

I wanted to cast the cross in silver and gild it later after enamelling the cross. So far, I've made the wax form, had it casted, and polished it. I also purchased the pearls. This it what the pendant looks like now:

cross pendant, silver, unenameld, front cross pendant, silver, unenameld, back

my (yet unfinished) cross pendant

September 19, 2010: I'm not yet sure how to enamel it... Should I gild it before enameling it? Seems sensibel if the enamel is transparent, but what if I use an opaque one? What happens to the gild or the silver alloy (it is sterling) if I enamel it at high temperatures - it should of course not melt at the required temperatures, but could trace metals in the alloy disolor the enamel? (I've read that can happen and it sounds quite worrying...)
So far, I'm not yet sure how to proceed and the pendant is thus resting in my shelf. Maybe I'm going to try find somebody who could do the enameling thing for me... So if you had any suggestions - they'd be welcome :-)