Memling garnet & pearl pendant

I've recently attended another jewellery course and have tried to make myself a pendant like the one worn by the lady in Hans Memling's painting below (that lady is also wearing a LOT of finger rings...). The pendant looks either golden or gilded; the dark stones seem somewhat irregular (that would be hard to find nowadays so I've substituted with pretty round cabochons). Three round pearls are dangling from the pendant. I found it hard to figure out the nature of the stones and decided to use garnet (I like the colour and it should look well with gold and pearls).

Memling, portrait of a lady Memling, portrait of a lady Memling, portrait of a lady

garnet (?) pendant in Hans Memling painting

April 04, 2010: The design of the pendant is similar to the pearl necklace I've made last time, 5 stones (round garnet cabochons approximately 5 mm in diameter) are set into round sockets arranged to form a cross-shape. I've gilded the silver pendant before glueing in the stones. The freshwater pearls are attached with gilded silver wire. I'm wondering whether I should wear the pendant on a (gilded) chain necklace as in the picture above or simply on a silk ribbon... But here are some pictures:

wax model silver pendant after casting finished pendant set with garnets and pearls

finished garnet & pearl pendant